Welcome to My Wedding Website!

Hi, my name is Jennica.

Having just got married, I went through all the challenges of planning my wedding. Of course my mom was a big help. Matter of fact, she did most of the organizing and planning for my wedding. Thanks mom!

I learned a lot of things when it comes to planning a wedding. Matter of fact, my wedding turned out so wonderful, I’d like to share how I, (Oops, sorry mom) we, pulled it all off.

So on my website, “Help Me With My Wedding” you will find everything that you will need to plan andĀ organizeĀ that special time in your life, your wedding.

One of the best things that I found extremely helpful in planning my wedding was a book The Alternative Bride’s Guide to Wedding Savings. This book literally saved me thousands of dollars with my wedding. It is written by a woman who knows all about weddings and wedding planning. On top of that she has learned how to save big bucks on all parts of wedding planning.

Some of the people who have read and applied her book to their weddings have said the following:

“I saved $624 off my wedding gown.”

“We got our honeymoon free!”

“I got the caterer to agree to give us a 10% discount – that saved us $1,200!”

My Wedding was great because I applied a lot of money saving tips. If you want to know more about this book go here. Matter of fact, by clicking through my website, you’ll receive a special rate. Applying only one of her suggestions will more than pay for the price of the book, and make your wedding great.